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2022 Curriculum

Training: Master of Capoeira; Musician; Art Educator; Filmmaker, Cultural Activist and Researcher of Bantu/MG culture.



  • Founder of the Capoeira group and Bloco Afro Porto de Minas in 1991;

  • Founder of the band Berimbrown in 1996 from a sociocultural project in the Maria Goretti community ; 

  • Founder of the Kilombola Project in 2002 in partnership with SMED. Sociocultural project of percussive musical work on the outskirts of the Goiânia neighborhood.

  • Coordinator of the music area of the Values de Minas Program between 2005 and 2014.

  • 2006 received the decoration of the Government of the State of Minas Gerais with the medal of Inconfidência in recognition of the work in the cultural and social area.

  • He toured as a capoeirista in Europe during the 90s.

  • He performed several tours in Brazil and Europe between 2001 and 2008 as a musician for the band Berimbrown, performing at major festivals, television programs and alongside renowned masters.

  • During the 2000s, he released three albums with the musical group Berimbrown of which he is the founder and instrumentalist, Berimbrown 2000, Aglomerado 2002 and the album Irmandade 2006.

  • 2011 toured with the band Berimbrown to the United States, presenting musical shows and workshops at the invitation of foreign universities.

  • Author of the book "Capoeiragem no País das Gerais" published in 2011 by Editora Nandyalla.

  • 2007, creator and coordinator of the DVD Capoeira da Memória at the FAN 4th Festival of Black Art.

  • 2004, performance of the Brazilian National Anthem, Mineirão [Brazil X Argentina] at the invitation of the Minister of Culture, Gilberto Gil, alongside Gil and Milton Nascimento.

  • Director of the feature-length documentary film "Lamparina Bantus nas Minas Gerais". Result of extensive independent research on Bantus and Vissungo traditions among the remaining quilombola communities in Minas Gerais.

  • Director of the documentary film "Encontro das Águas" - The marriage between two black women”.

  • Music director of the CD Lamparina Berimbrown/2016.

  • Tour through several countries in Europe 2020 as Mestre de Capoeira.

  • Tour the United States of America in 2022 as Mestre de Capoeira.

  • Touring several countries in Europe in 2022 as Mestre de Capoeira.


  • In 2018, he built and founded the Lamparina Cultural Center on the land of his residence in the Maria Goretti neighborhood, a non-profit educational socio-cultural space that, in addition to offering free music and capoeira classes to the community, organizes lectures, shows, festivities and workshops. .

  • Currently, Mestre Negoativo lives by giving mini-courses, workshops and lectures on various topics of Afro-Brazilian culture and tradition, he has been especially dedicated to research related to the musicality of the Old Masters of Capoeira 


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