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On Saturday, November 6th, from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm, Lamparina awaits you for another celebration.  Our meeting will be via Zoom platform but with great joy and hope for present moments.

Together we will discover a little more about the seeds, the "embryos" of the sounding boards, the gourds. We will appreciate the diversity of sounds and timbres of this element of nature.

- Each participant who is the "Semeitente" will receive seeds in their house;
- To receive the seeds you will have to participate in the entire Festival;

 How will the seeds be distributed?
We will invite one participant per state or country to be the "Local Sower or Sower", that person will be responsible for distributing the seeds;

Lamparina will send the selected seeds to the "Local Sowers" (Banzeiro, Gunga, Dobra/Meio and Violinha). All of them packed with the individual amount for each Alumiô - Semeei Semente participant;

The "Sower" will arrange with the "Sower"  the shipment to his residence,  being the shipping costs of the Seeder;

You all know that Lamparina is a community and voluntary space.
Your contribution is very important!

How to contribute? Sow Conscious - Exchange Energy!
No matter the amount, I sowed as I can and want.
We will be grateful!


sow consciously
Alumiô - Semeei Semente - Saturday, November 6, 2pm to 4:30pm Space is limited! 5

Sow Around the World

 Alumiô 2021 - Sow Seed!

02 NOV registration closes

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